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The Joy of Stealing Mulberries

December, 2021

This story is featured in the Joy issue of Odd Mag. It's a story about sisterhood.

Image by Candace Mathers
Published Fiction: Latest Work


26 June 2021

My flash fiction piece entitled 'Untameable' was featured on the Flash Flood as part of The National Flash Fiction Day 2021. It was also nominated for Best of The Net 2021.

Image by Brett Meliti
Published Fiction: Latest Work

Dear Diary

This is a story I wrote in response to a submission call for fiction based on letters. It was published in Issue 47 in February 2022 in the Odd Magazine.

Image by Aaron Burden
Published Fiction: Latest Work

This is a story I wrote for the Fahmidan Journal, December 2021, Issue 10 on the theme of Yuletide. This story centres around two brothers and their life amidst poverty and neglect. It’s on page 25-28 of the issue.

Mexican Feast
Published Fiction: Latest Work

The Baobab Tree

March, 2021

This story was published in The Mechanics Institute Review which is affiliated to the Birkbeck Creative Writing MA. I'm thrilled to have a story featured on this brilliant platform for writers.

Image by Theme Inn
Published Fiction: Latest Work

The Anticipation of Loss

March, 2021

This story was published in Odd mag and explores themes of grief, loss and hope.

Image by Claire Kelly
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Stories about Colourism and Culture

January, 2021

The Swing was published in issue #5 of Melbourne Culture Corner and Wedding Rituals in issue #36 of Odd Mag. Both stories explore the effects of colourism within cultures. The Swing has recently been nominated for a Pushcart Award.

Image by Vitaliy Lyubezhanin
Published Fiction: Latest Work

Stories about Immigration and Displacement

December, 2020

These stories have a similar theme of immigration and what home may represent at different stages of our lives. Icing Sugar was published by The Fahmidan Journal and The Colour Of home was published in print and online by Small Leaf Press.

Image by bert brrr
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November, 2020

This story was published by the Fahmidan International Journal and is a story about bullying, racism, alienation and unbelonging.

Published Fiction: Work

Garage Sale

October, 2020

This story was published by Ayaskala Literary Magazine and is about family relationships and the secrets that bind people together.

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